Clinical Educators

The SUPT curriculum includes three integrated clinical experiences (part-time) and three clinical internships (full-time).   

Integrated clinical experiences (part-time):

The primary goal of the integrated clinical experience is to allow the student hands-on opportunities with patients/clients.  Continuity of care is NOT expected.

  • Each course consists of one day/week for a period of 10 weeks and occur in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters of the program

  • Under the direction of a licensed physical therapist, the integrated clinical experiences develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired to date in the classroom, labs, and clinic, to application in the clinical environment

  • Adherence to and a progression of PT Professional Behaviors are expected

  • The integrated clinical experiences are varied between ambulatory and non-ambulatory settings

Full-time clinical internship experiences:

  • The first full-time clinical experience is the application and demonstration of problem solving skills in the clinical environment to the level of an advanced-intermediate clinician and occurs at the end of two years on the program

  • The emphasis of the the final two full-time learning experiences is for the student to progress to the level of an entry-level clinician in that setting and occur at the end of all academic coursework

  • The full-time clinical experiences are varied between ambulatory and non-ambulatory settings

Continuing Education Opportunities

Some states recognize the mentorship of student Physical Therapists as professional development. These jurisdictions may accept documentation from the physical therapy program to fulfill continuing education requirements necessary for license renewal. Please refer to your state’s practice act and contact the DCE if we can help!

We also host an annual Clinical Education Advisory Meeting. We invite you to participate in problem solving discussions with the core faculty and other clinical instructors.

Look for upcoming fliers with information on great continuing education related to clinical teaching!

Clinical Partners Program

Coming soon!


We appreciate your commitment to clinical education and look forward to serving you!

Melissa Wolff-Burke, Director of Clinical Education or (540) 665-5523

Megan Bureau, Associate Director of Clinical Education or (540) 665-5523