Performing Arts Medicine Certificate

Performing Arts Medicine (PAM) Graduate Certificate Program

Shenandoah University is committed to meeting the needs of practicing clinicians and performing arts educators who seek advanced education in the emerging practice area of performing arts medicine. The foundation of Shenandoah University’s mission states that the university distinguishes itself by providing opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills in a collaborative, personalized environment that intertwines professional and liberal learning. This graduate certificate program embodies collaboration between various health professions alongside educators of the performing art with the common goal of developing teaching practices, healthcare prevention, assessment, and treatment strategies that will enhance and potentially prolong the career of a performing artist.

Mission of the SU Performing Arts Medicine Graduate Certificate Program

The mission of the performing arts medicine masters certificate program is to educate health care professionals and performing art educators on the prevention, assessment, and management of injuries and disorders specific to dancers, theatre artists, and musicians along with promoting clinical research to determine best practices.

PAM Graduate Certificate Requirements

This eighteen-credit curriculum may be taken in one of two tracks. Track I is for Health Professionals and Track II is for Performing Arts Educators. For all tracks, in order to be retained in the curriculum, all courses must be passed with a grade of “B” or higher and a minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained at the time of program completion. All course work must be successfully completed within three years of the start date of the program. Remediation of a grade of less than 80 may be considered at the discretion of the Program Director. If a student earns a failing grade, the student will have one additional year to retake the course (at the current credit rate as set forth by the university at that time) during the next regularly scheduled course offering. In the event that the student is not successful upon the second course attempt, the student will be dismissed from the PAM graduate certificate program. All students are eligible to reapply for admission to the program at the next enrollment period. No exceptions to this policy will be considered.

Admission Requirements for Track I and II

Application materials are reviewed as they are received. Applicants must meet and submit the following:

Track I for Health Care Professionals

This program is open to the following health care professionals that would have a role in treating performing artists:

  1. Medical doctors
  2. Physical Therapists*
  3. Certified Athletic Trainers*
  4. Occupational Therapists*
  5. Podiatrists
  6. Chiropractors
  7. Physician Assistants*
  8. Nurse Practitioners*

*Current Shenandoah university enrollees and applicants from articulated programs within these health professions may apply to this program for study in addition to their entry-level curriculum. These students must submit a letter requesting admission into the program to the Performing Arts Medicine Program Director by the designated deadline and they must also have a letter of support for this endeavor from their respective Dean/Program Director. These students must be in good academic standing from their entry-level program in order to be considered.

All Applying Students from outside of Shenandoah University for Track I must submit:

  1. A completed Shenandoah university graduate application for admission including the $30 application fee. Click here for online application.
  2. All official higher education transcripts.
  3. A photocopy of your most current US/state license to practice medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, physician assistant, nurse practitioner.
  4. Foreign-educated students must submit above information as well as verification of full-time employment for at least six months in the U.S. in one’s respective health profession.
  5. Completed .

Track II for Performing Arts Educators

Applicants for Track II must be able to demonstrate that they are instructors within the performing arts with a minimum of an undergraduate degree completed within a performing arts area including:

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (or Dance Education)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Dance
  3. Bachelor of Science in Dance (or Dance Education)
  4. Bachelor of Music in Performance (or Music Education)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Music Education
  6. Other related degrees will be reviewed by the Program Director for possible admission

All applicants for Track II must submit:

  1. A completed Shenandoah university graduate application for admission including the $30 application fee. Click here for online application.
  2. All official higher education transcripts.
  3. Completed Program Information Form.

Additional Program Requirements

  1. This program is offered as a hybrid of online learning coupled with four mandatory onsite seminar experiences that will run on Friday through Sundays scheduled throughout the two-year curriculum experience.
  2. In order to complete the courses PAM 706 and PAM 708, the student will be required to find a place where he/she has access to intern with performing artists that is approved by the course advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curriculum Sequence

Track I for Health Professionals

Track II for Performing Arts Educators